Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Orlebar Brown Full HK Launch Proper Beachwear Arrives in HK


To mark the launch of its full line in Hong Kong, Orlebar Brown, the British beachwear specialist, is hosting a pop-up party at Sidewalk. Taking place on Thursday, March 8, it’s a momentous occasion for those of us who like the seaside but don’t like the fashion options. One look at Hong Kong beaches leaves you gasping. The Speedos deserve a Parental Guidance warning.

The brand’s clothing is markedly different from the usual fare you’d pick up in Stanley market and it’s reassuringly old school. Having launched in 2009 with their classic range of swim shorts (pictured), they’ve since added tailored sweats, pique and toweling polos, an original chino, new shirts and new shorts. A limited selection has been available at Lane Crawford but from March 8 you’ll see the full fat version at Sidewalk.

They’ve got a wide range of bright colours and that’s exactly what you want on a beach. You should be as unmissable as a horseback hunting party lead by Vladimir Putin. The one criticism we have is although cool, the fit looks relatively short and tight. With bodies like ours it shouldn’t be a problem, but for those not descended from Zeus’s thunderbolts, it could be an issue.

All bar brown.


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