Suitjamas Suits Crossed with Pyjamas for Formal Bedtime


We recently wrote about Dress Pant Sweatpants but taking the idea of smart looking/good feeling clothing to the next level are suitjamas. We can't say they're going to win any style awards, although you could see Karl Lagerfeld wearing them - who incidentally looks like an extra-terrestrial - but we think they're hilarious. They'd make breakfast time that much more enjoyable, not to mention Monday mornings. Just roll into work.

Priced at USD78.62 + USD14.95 shipping (after a 15% discount if you Like their wall), they're made from a a Premium Silk/Cotton blend for improved breathability. Don't be scared by the dollar signs either. For that amount of money you get pants with an elastic waistband (and pockets), a shirt, a jacket and a sleeping tie. Best of all, they also contain an ECP (Emergency Contraceptive Pouch) so the wearer is always ready to "Suit Up".

It's available from XS to XXX and comes in Armani Grey or Black & Gold Pinstripe which sounds like appropriate casting wear for Scarface 2. Either way, Suitjamas make a great present for a mate who spends a lot of time watching TV: he'll be able to go to the shops to buy milk on a Sunday afternoon still dressed in a suit AND pyjamas.

Suit up.


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