Wednesday, 18.10.2017

John Hardy in Landmark Men Male Jeweller Unveils First HK Boutique


John Hardy, the jewellery brand, is the latest marque to open in the Landmark Men, haven for all things slick and masculine. Being guys we don't think of ourselves as jewellery wearers per se, but we're talking about cufflinks, rings and lifestyle items so you'll still feel able to have a drink with James Bond. And John Hardy sounds like the type of guy who likes a stiff drink.

Their Naga collection is a topical nod to the year of the dragon with each item celebrating the mythical creature. It's a crying shame dragons don't really exist - what pets they would have made - but the collection is as close as you'll get. Their pick is the Men's Naga Silver Dragon Head Bracelet on an Extra-Large Rectangular Chain (above). It'll set you back HK$14,600 but it's always good to have some wealth on your person for a quick getaway.

Rooted in Bali, the marque uses proceeds from each purchase from its Bamboo collection to plant bamboo seedlings on the Indonesian island. It's part of their Greener Every Day campaign which has already introduced over 600,000 bamboo plants to Balinese habitats. All of the brand's products, meanwhile, are handmade and are known for their rare stones and deep oxidation so you don't need to worry about them morphing in the Hong Kong smog. In fact, they'll probably last longer than you will.

Jewellery fit for a dragon.

Partner Pulsit

John Hardy
Shops B33-34, First Basement Floor, The Landmark Hong Kong
2533 3895


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