In a weight-conscious society such as Hong Kong, looking fit and trim is ever present in everyone’s mind. So, unless you are Stallone or Schwarzenegger (and look like a beef cake well into your 50’s), losing your love handles is going to be easier said than done.

To help you along, slip into an Equmen, an über smart undergarment that not only hides those unwanted inches around your waist, but also improves your posture, supports your core muscles, and regulates your body temperature. All thanks to the technology of “Helix Mapping”, a body-mapping system that adjusts to your body shape and heat, thus acting like a second-skin. This seamless, ergonomically-designed undershirt comes in a range of styles (round-neck long-sleeve, v-neck short-sleeve and tank) and can be conveniently worn under a T-shirt or suit. So, whether you’re stuck at the office or teeing off on the back nine, this compression undergarment will keep you in tip top nick. Take a look in the mirror, you’ve just became chiseled in a matter of seconds.

Turn your slouching torso into a tribute to Van Damme, simply by getting dressed.


Available at the online store (US$89 - US$119; international shipping to Hong Kong, US$25).

The Nuts & Bolts: Tone up and improve your posture with an Equmen, a smart undershirt that adjusts to your body during work or play.


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