Saturday, 16.12.2017

'Life Imitating Design' - Our First Menswear Shoot We were chuffed to bits when Cheryl Rodriguez told us that highly talented make-up and hair artist Christian Merz was coming to town and was interested in doing a menswear shoot for NecesCity. Here’s our virginal fashion shoot – we hope you like it



Anthony Hill of Hill wears Perfect Tangent Golden Ratio shirt, COOLDAY,SIR round neck fisherman sweater and Hill two-button jersey blazer and pocket square. Mark Lui, music producer/composer and designer of COOLDAY,SIR wears Perfect Tangent Golden Ratio shirt and thick cable shawl neck cardigan with COOLDAY,SIR tie


“Life Imitating Design with NecesCity” centres round Hong Kong designers who have founded their own fashion lines in our fair city.


(Above) David Ericsson of VOID and squarestreet wears VOID digital wristwatch (we assure you his face really is as handsome as the timepiece) as well as COOLDAY,SIR cord “neo” pants and cotton knit smoking jacket, Perfect Tangent t-shirt, and squarestreet metal logo necklace

Photographed by Michal Garcia, the shoot features top Hong Kong brands and was triggered by the visit of Swiss make-up and hair artist, Christian Merz.


(Above) Pak Man "Pak" Lee of Perfect Tangent wears Perfect Tangent Golden Ratio shirt and ALL YEAR blazer, Hill slim chinos and pocket square. Stylist's own tie

The creatives star in the shoot themselves wearing their own and each others' Autumn/Winter collections.


(Above) Mark wears gram textile & leather sneakers, COOLDAY,SIR cord “neo” pants. Stylist’s own socks

The six designers turned models represent VOID, squarestreet, CIPHER, The Perfect Tangent, Hill and COOLDAY,SIR respectively so you’d be looking at just about the trendiest six-a-side football team in the world. Albeit a team not particularly keen on getting their knees dirty.


(Above) Mark wears COOLDAY,SIR cotton knit “Kung Fu” sweater and cord “neo” pants and tie as well as Perfect Tangent Golden Ratio checked shirt

Other featured brands include Gram shoes which you can find at Sheung Wan's squarestreet, while the shoot itself was held in a contemporary, colonial Hong Kong apartment.


(Above) Anthony wears COOLDAY,SIR herringbone wool tweed dress pants and gram linen lace up shoes

Styled by Tony Hill, it’s about an every day man who has raw stylistic edge. You know the type - there’s always one trendy fellow in a group.


(Above) Anthony wears Perfect Tangent Trojan jacket and Golden Ratio shirt as well as COOLDAY,SIR denim pants with CIPHER calf suede bag. Stylist's own tie and wool hat

As you can tell the designers are the embodiment of cool, not to mention delighted to have been given the day off work.


(Above) Collin Thompson of CIPHER wears Perfect Tangent thick cable turtle sweats sweater, Hill straight chinos, CIPHER ALPHA sneaker and EXONYM calf suede bag

Since shooting David has unveiled his VO1LED watch at the squarestreet studios while Anthony launched his brand, Hill, with a VIP trunk show. Mark of COOLDAY,SIR, meanwhile, spoke at Business of Design Week.


(Above) Pac wears Perfect Tangent shirt, Hill two button jersey blazer, slim chino and pocket square as well as CIPHER METROPOLIS sneaker in calf suede and linen

Every winter is a chance to go shopping - it's a lot more fun than buying a heater - so feel free to explore and tuck in.


(Above) Collin wears Perfect Tangent thick cable turtle sweats sweater and Hill straight chino. David wears COOLDAY,SIR cotton knit smoking jacket and cord “neo” pants, Perfect Tangent tshirt and gram leather lace up sneaker as well as squarestreet handmade leather case and handmade leather laptop case

Life Imitating Design with NecesCity

Hair & make up - Christian Merz
Photographer - Michal Garcia
Stylist - Anthony Hill
Retouching - Dawn Austin
Producer - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Designers/Models & Brands

Anthony Hill – Hill
Collin Thompson - CIPHER
Pak Man Lee - The Perfect Tangent
David Ericsson - Void, squarestreet


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