Handsome Co Upcycling Brand Transforms Taxis in Kowloon


Handsome is an upcycling brand that takes abandoned taxi furnishings in HK and turns them into bags, clothes and even watches. It’s quite the story, especially in Hong Kong where recycling is worse than it was in Roman times. You can chuck anything away here. You just wander up to a bin and dump it. It’s the type of lifestyle that makes Al Gore smug he failed in politics to succeed with the environment. Sort of.

The company was born when founder Billy Potts was walking down a street and noticed the waste generated by taxi garages. The owner of one garage gave him seat upholstery and Billy enlisted Joseph Ng to help him redesign the materials. The company now produces bags, watches, bicycles and furniture which are sold all over Hong Kong. We think it’s fantastic.

The bags start at US$45 while the watch (which you have to pre-order) cost US$100. Their figures are in American currency which is curious because they’re based in Kowloon but what they do is still admirable. Their designs are understated and have obvious appeal because of their heritage while also providing a decent conversation starter. If you’re looking for something that has Hong Kong written all over it, this is the place.

Taxi for one.

Handsome Co


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