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Six Faces of Hong Kong Menswear There are lots of places to buy clothing in Hong Kong but there aren’t many places to purchase original and stylish gear. Here’s our guide to the best places for getting unique threads, from pinstriped office suits to pinstriped board shorts for the beach.


Tailored for You
When men get a tailored suit, most of them know exactly what they want from the pattern but not from the cut. This is where a little research and copycatting makes the difference. A great starting point is leading men in movies. Just give the tailor a picture of Daniel Craig on the red carpet or a snap of Tony Stark’s suits in Iron Man and you’ll be golden. The flightless ones of course. There are a couple of tailors in Hong Kong that have been around for what seems like millennia and they know their stuff better than anyone.


--Raja Fashions
Cameron Road, Hong Kong, China
Raja Daswani is the owner of Raja Fashions and the grandson of the founder who emigrated from India to Hong Kong in 1952 to open a bespoke tailoring business. It has since developed a loyal following of customers who have their first and last suits made there. Somewhat amusingly, Raja told us, “I brought the word ‘bespoke’ to Hong Kong. Nobody knew what it meant before.” All the tailoring is done on site with precision and by the end of the year his luxury store will also open above the current location in TST with endless suit options.

34-C Cameron Road, G/F. Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong 2108 7000 ($2,800HK – $40,000 for a suit)

--Ascot Chang
Kimberly Road, Hong Kong
When former U.S. President George Bush is a client you know you are big time. Ascot Chang is usually ranked in the top three tailors on Earth with those in the know lining up outside their locations in Hong Kong, 57th St. in Manhattan or Beverly Hills. Unlike most tailors who claim to be bespoke but relay the measurements to the cheapest factory in Shenzhen, they do all the tailoring here in HK. If you can afford this place, you’ll get a suit you‘ll wear forever. Waistline permitting.

Podium Level 2 of IFC Mall, 1 Harbourview Street, Central, 2295 3833 (suits from HK$13,000)

Casually Smart
You usually have to be the CEO or the owner of the company to dress smart/casual at work so we’ve coined the term “Casually smart”. Here a couple of choices where you can grab off the rack style without the job title.


--Spy (Henry Lau)
Local designer Henry Lau stocks various smart/casual clothes. He’s getting particularly popular with the ex-pat community because of his funky style which is both high fashion and smart. He sells some far-fetched pieces you might have a hard time wrapping your head around but if you have a quirky side this is a great place to visit.

21 Staunton Street, SOHO, Central, 2530 3128

Causeway Bay
WESC stands for We are the Superlative Conspiracy and it’s one of the coolest shops in Hong Kong.  They offer smart to urban style that’s clean-cut as well as slick. The company hails from Sweden where it actually started as boarder brand but has since expanded to shirts, accessories, ties and cardigans for an alternative smart/casual look. If you haven’t seen this side of fashion in Hong Kong, it’s well worth a gander. WeSC has a NY/London feel which is particularly refreshing compared with the cookie-cut style of Zara and Giordano we’re so used to.

2/F, Haywood Mansion, 57 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, 3428 6000

Frugal of the Loom
Not liquid right now? Haven’t made that big deal yet? These places deliver a decent look with a light wallet. They aren’t specific shops but rather a couple of streets that will keep you fully clothed at work until the end of the month.


--Queen's Road West
There are loads of cheap tailors along Queen’s Road West between Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy town. Most of these places have shop attendants who have a hard time with English so be patient. These places have plenty to choose from and you will only pay marginally more than shopping in Shenzhen. You should be able to bargain so don’t wear something nice or give them any hint you have money.

Start at 177 Queen’s road West and head west, Also check out the end of Des Voeux road West 

--Temple Street and Ladies Markets
These two places are great for cheap shirts and ties. Bargaining is a must, so aim to pay about 75% less than what they first offer. They don’t sell the best quality smart wear in Hong Kong but you get what you pay for. In particular there are a couple of nameless Temple Street tailors nestled behind the market itself and although prices have gone up in the past few years it’s still relatively cheap.

Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon

Hipster Replacement
Hipster comes from the old word ‘beatnik’ which in the 60’s and 70’s meant a very definitive look but various styles and eras have since blended together. It’s difficult to classify peoples’ looks nowadays but these shops have a bunch of different vintage pieces that would add to anyone’s wardrobe.


--Select 18
Sheung Wan
Select 18 is across from Oolaa in Sheung Wan, selling cool, second-hand vintage clothing and other goods. They have pieces from Prada, Armani and more but you need to visit regularly to take advantage because they receive new batches of clothing every few weeks.  The guys that run the place are very chilled, while what they lack in terms of volume for men’s clothing, they make up for in accessories like glasses, Polaroid cameras, luggage and old-school typewriters.

Shop A, G/F, Grandview Garden, 18 Bridges Street

--Midwest .Co
Tin Hau
Although all Midwest’s items aren’t vintage, Midwest is a vintage style shop. What’s more, the brands - which are primarily American – make it the best place to buy Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler and Dickies, all of which are hard to find in HK at such cheap prices. Tis the season to start wearing jackets and Midwest is a top shout for leather coats.

Shop 58, G/F Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Road, Tin Hau, 2802 6886

All on a Board
If you wakeboard, snowboard, skateboard or surf, you probably have a different style to the majority of HK and have a hard time clothing your back. No worries, we know a couple of secret shops for guys that love the beach, the mountain and the concrete.


--Island Wake
This place has everything you could ever imagine for surf, wake or snow except for shoes. They stock the most stylish apparel and although they have a couple of shops in Causeway bay, they’re nothing compared with the recently opened store in Stanley. They have the exclusive Asian rights to brands like Nixon, which means you can find things that aren’t anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Shop 11, 1/F, Stanley Plaza, 2352 0208   

Causeway Bay
Evergreen is hard to track down but that’s what helps make it such a goldmine for boarders. They’re an urban shop with a selection of t-shirts shirts the size of Russia. They also have copious amounts of shoes ranging from old school Vans to Chocolate and Girl Skateboards (which is actually for guys). If you like your boards, it’s a great place to start.

9/F, Capital Commercial Bldg, 26 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, 2582 9763

Chillin’ like a Villain
It’s all well and good wearing smart clothes throughout the week but it feels even better to get out of them and onto the sofa with a pizza and a pair of lounge trousers. No more wedgies – just straight comfort – here are the places to get those lazy Sunday clothes.


Hollister sells laid back beachware that’s ideal for Hong Kong. Because we live in a skyscrapered city, a lot of people forget we’re on an Island in a sub-tropic climate but we’ve got some of the nicest beaches in the region. This shop has the style to match, whether you’re spending a day by the waves or surfing the sofa.

80 Tat Chee Ave. Unit UG02, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, 2265 5000

--No.16 Stanley Main Street
Stanley Market
There are stores in Stanley Market that sell nothing but sweats and hoodies but there’s one in particular you should check out - No.16 Stanley Main Street. You’ll have to forage your way to the back which can be difficult on the weekends but they have all the major brands and it’s dirt cheap. Some of the clothing also looks dirty because it is (not the IFC here) … just chuck it in a wash and its good to go.

No.16 Stanley Main Street, Stanley, Hong Kong

If all else fails, there’s always eBay.


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