Ravi Ratan USB WiFi Cufflinks Cufflinks with WiFi & 2GB Storage


Ravi Ratan has released a pair of cufflinks with 2GB USB storage and a WiFi hotspot function. The possibilities are endless. Imagine, you’re on a train in Eastern Russia brokering a multi-billion dollar deal but you enter a 100-mile wireless black hole. Not to worry, you remove your cuff-links and hey presto. It’s got Q written all over it. As well as a troupe of leggy blondes on the pay role of the KGB.

Both the wireless and memory device are activated through a USB stick so they're widely compatible and they’re made from polished silver so you don’t need to worry about oxidisation. You can also get them engraved for US$8 for eight characters but we don’t think you'll need that - you’re not going to let them out of your sight.

At US$250 they’re pretty expensive but that’s what you pay for innovation. What's more, we're treating our NecesCity readers to a series of promo codes that provide all sorts of special bonuses - including 25% off a Ravi Ratan Tie Bar when you purchase these nifty wifi cufflinks.

Our only real concern is you’ll look like an absolute muppet when you’re trying to remove them from your shirt – we all know how difficult cufflinks are to handle. Plus your shirt will end up looking very messy and you've got to impress girls of the KGB.

Off the cuff.

Ravi Ratan Cufflinks
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