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Arnold Wong, 19, has set up a new menswear brand called Colonial Goods to celebrate Hong Kong’s unique story through fashion. It’s a noble ambition and he’s certainly doing better than most of us were as teenagers. In fact, Arnold’s most obvious rival is Alexander the Great and he’s still got a couple of years before he’ll need to control a fashion empire stretching from Europe to Asia.

Arnold founded Colonial Goods in 2010 because he felt Hong Kong menswear was missing its voice. “I wanted to do something a little different that represented Hong Kong culture,” he explained. “Not necessarily Chinese culture, but a cosmopolitan lifestyle.” A case in point, the young brand recently teamed up with photographer Carmen Chan to snap some of Hong Kong's best dressed men.

Working with Lee Kung Man, one of Hong Kong’s oldest knitting factory, Arnold’s first collection consists of two vintage T-shirts. They feature a Henley collar which not only looks snappy but is also synonymous with Bruce Lee - though sadly they don’t come with any of his superpowers.

The style is decidedly retro and the essence of Colonial Goods can also be seen in the logo which features an old school junk. Arnold’s currently designing a Fall/Winter 2012 capsule collection which should tell us a bit more about the potential of the brand but until then you can make do with buying his Ts in G.O.D or their soon to launch online shop. Seems he has Alexander the Great’s PR team working for him as well.

Hong Kong history for him.

Colonial Goods


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