Vvego Expedition Accessories From Vvego International


Vvego International produces unique accessories such as wallets and cufflinks that can withstand the hardiest adventures. If you were taking a trip up the Amazon for instance and wanted a tough, shark skin wallet to show the piranhas what you do with scary fish, they’d create one to your exact specifications. Of course it’s more likely you’ll use your indestructible cufflinks at a black tie event rather than shaking hands with an alligator but at least you’ll know they’re quality.

Their wallets start at a reasonable US$115 while their cufflinks begin at US$145, and each piece is unique. They cut all their own leather, hand dye and oil the pieces and then hand stitch the panels – a process which can take several days. A good wallet has the lifespan of a large pet so it’s worth spending a decent amount on one in the first place.

Vvego can also produce a small run of matching gifts for an event and they also make money clips. Apart from that, they’re set to unveil a boutique luggage line called Ravven Roll Aboard which is based on a machined, aluminum, exo-skeletal frame. It’s a ridiculous way to describe luggage but if you pound your bags harder than Mike Tyson in his prime, they’ll make a savvy purchase.

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