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Mooishop sells classic European furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s in Causeway Bay. It stocks everything from coffee tables to sofas and the best part is each item has its own unique story. It’s like walking into an adult version of Santa’s Grotto except it’s the cashier who’ll bend you over their leg.

Despite spanning only 600 square feet, Mooishop has developed a reputation for being the place to shop when you want to buy something but you’re not quite sure what that thing is. Sure, some of the goods will transform your home into a slightly unnerving, Soviet-era museum showcase, but others will show real class. For instance their latest shipment (which arrived on October 1) includes classic sewing-kit stations that have been transformed into retro side tables.

They’ve got plenty of other period pieces such as an old school radio from Siemens, ashtrays from the 60s and a row of fold down seats so you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy. The owners look for Danish and German furniture in particular but there’s a comprehensive mix of European history. For expats pining for home they offer more permanent acquisitions than an authentic sausage.

Mooving house?

G/F, 25 Haven St., Causeway Bay,
2882 1384


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