Glow in the Dark Jeans Naked & Famous Denim's Finest


Naked & Famous Denim has unveiled a pair of glow in the dark jeans which really do glow in the dark. Can you imagine walking down the backstreets of Wan Chai with your legs shining luminous green? What a vision. From ensuring motorists can see you crossing the road to scaring the life out of your nieces in the dead of night, they'd make a savvy purchase.

They charge up when they’re exposed to light (whether artificial or natural) but they shine particularly intensely under UV light so they’re ideal for clubbing. Even the selvedge edges glow so you can flip up your cuffs. Sure, it’s an item of clothing that people will love and hate in equal measure but if you’ve ever had the misfortune of reading The Game, you’ll know standing out (for better or worse) is the name of the...

A phosphorescent coating is baked in to the fabric in Japan but as you wear them the coating fades in certain places which creates a unique glow. The jeans are available in Hong Kong at Juice and aside from clubbing it strikes us they're exceptionally useful in WWII-era blackouts as well as cave dwelling scenarios, not to mention easy to find when the light bulb’s gone in your bedroom.

Forget Levis.

Glow in the Dark Jeans by Naked & Famous Denim
Available online at


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