Adventurebilt Hats Buy Indiana Jones’s Iconic Fedora


You can buy Indiana Jones’s famous fedora from Adventurebilt, the hat-maker behind the manliest of accessories. Walking around with an Indie hat is a salivating thought. The sense of power would be intoxicating - you wouldn’t even need his eight-foot whip to get stuff done. It would be like real life dressing up, not to mention a compelling disguise if you’re suffering from early stage hair loss.

Adventurebilt is the type of company we love. Consisting of two men, Steve Delk and Marc Kitter, the small brand produced Harrison Ford’s hats in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - an awful film but great fedoras. The quality of their hats isn’t confined to cinema either. They handmake all their hats with early 20th century techniques and use the same vintage tools from yester year. You wouldn’t want to take one on a merry junk though – you might just cry if it falls in.

Producing the hats can take up to several months which is always a sign of class (or gross inefficiency) and they will create your hat in whatever style you like. Whether you’re in love with the teardrop or the C-dent (Bogie), they’re the hat makers of choice. Many of their clients just send them a picture from the 30's and ask them to replicate it. Prices start at a steep US$300 but you’ll want the Indiana Jones box set as well to really get into character.

Crack that whip.

From US$300 + US$30 shipping


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