Odegon Stop Clothes Smelling Forever


UK based company, Odegon, has produced a series of porous tags that can be ironed or sewn into clothing which offer the user odour-free wear. Your clothes essentially never get smelly which is particularly useful in Hong Kong's climate. The amount of times you see some poor guy marching to a meeting soaked with sweat is as frequent as the Star Ferry.

Odegon says its fabric swatches are “the only inert, non-allergenic, odourless, long lasting, base neutral, environmentally friendly solution to body odour". The patches are designed to be sewn into the armpit area where the nano-porous material acts as a sieve by trapping odour molocules. Why the trapped molecules don't smell is beyond our chimp-like brains, but so is an anti-matter band circling the globe and that's also pretty cool.

Odegon, short for “odor gone” has unveiled three different sizes of DeOdourTags to suit all shapes. All you need to do is break a habit of a lifetime and pick up an iron. The patches work forever so you can wash the clothes as many times as you want. It's particularly useful for sportswear - think of tennis tops or skiing thermals – as well as mad dashes to catch the ferry.

Lynx must be very concerned.

US$18.42, free shipping for a limited period
Website: www.odegon.co.uk


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