How To..Hit A Bull's Eye How To…Hit A Bull’s Eye


It’s simplistic, its certainly not athletic, but come across a couple of old boys crowded round a dart board at your local, and you’ll see steely determination, their eyes never leaving the number targets, even as they swirl back another foamy ale. To be accepted by this most unlikely fraternity, you’ll need to dance by their tune, the tune of the dartsman.

Step 1: Look casual and move slow – that’s right, you’re in the groove. Take a reflective swig of your poison, and stand side on to the dart board, you’re feet shoulder width apart, your balance evenly spread. Be sure the toes of your front foot are up close to the oche – the shooting line – but not crossing it.

Step 2: Take a grip of your dart, by rolling it on your thumb and finding the centre of gravity. Place the pad of your thumb just behind this point and support with your index and middle finger, ensuring that the tips of both fingers and your thumb are slightly angled towards to the target. Be sure your grip is firm but relaxed and be sure excess fingers are away from the flight (the wing bits) or you’re likely to screw up the dart’s trajectory and pop someone’s man-made mammaries.

Step 3: When you’re ready to throw, keep your elbow straight and the dart level with the target, not at an angle. Have a few practice movements to be sure your dart will follow a straight line from hand to board. Aim at a point slightly above the bull’s eye, and draw power in the throw from your arm and wrist, with a slight movement in the wrist allowing for the slightly upward trajectory.

Step 4: Let go of the dart with all fingers at once, just after the elbow flexes at full stretch, and not before, or you’ll affect where that little missile will strike. Don’t forget to follow through by pointing at a spot slightly below the Bull’s Eye and leave it there long enough for the crowd’s roaring response, but not too long to miss the pro-offered pint for a job well done.


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