Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Hong Kong Climbing Eager To Hang By A Thread?


We all remember that scene from Mission Impossible, when Ethan Hunt (aka Tom Cruise) is dangling from an impossibly high cliff face with nary a safety rope in sight, and receives his encoded message via a pair of futuristic exploding Oakleys. How about the blockbuster Cliffhanger, with Stallone playing muscle-bound yet emotionally crippled climber Gabe Walker? One of the most popular adrenalin sports in the world, mountain climbing is a blend of both wits and strength.

Believe it or not Hong Kong is a great climbing destination (and we're not talking Frenchies up the IFC). Hong Kong Climbing is a fraternity of climbers who seek to not only climb the city's top rock faces, but to also guide others towards their sport.

Their site covers over 20 of the city's top climbing faces, including Lion Rock and the Shek O Boulders, as well as links to forums and training companies that can help newbies right through to Stallone want-to-bes (roids not included).

They even have guides to the many stores in Hong Kong that sell mountain and rock face climbing equipment and can help link you up with your fellow daredevils.

“You're not going to die!”

Hong Kong Climbing


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