Wednesday, 23.7.2014

Hong Kong Iaido Kenjutsu Club The Sharp Edge of Life


There’s no doubt in the world that swords are cool; films like Highlander and the American Ninja were able to skip the Making Cultural Sense counter all together, because of their intense sword-based battles and the inherent tradition and nobility which go with them. Brotherhood of the Wolf, Hero and the House of Flying Daggers, and let’s not forget Kill Bill – all amassed their testosterone-bubbling awesomeness from…you guessed it, the sword.

So if you’re keen to take your dagger dependence a step further (without running, arms waving, into a crowd) you might want to try out the ancient Japanese martial arts of Kendo, Iaido and Kenjutsu, all of which are taught at the Hong Kong Iaido & Kenjutsu Club.

They have weekend sword camps up in Sai Kung for those looking for a little sharp leisure, and regular practice sessions at Hong Kong University as well as a host of other venues across the city.

You’ll learn to use your opponent’s weight against them, wear MC Hammer pants, and wield the famed assassin’s weapon, the katana.

You’ll be in sewers chatting with rats in no time.

Hong Kong Iaido Kenjutsu Club

Membership from $300

Nuts & Bolts
Learn the ancient sword arts of Japan


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