Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Be A Football Hero


KTV meets the Premier League

Have you ever heard your own voice, either in a phone message or perhaps a dictaphone? No matter how ready-for-radio we’re convinced our voices are during those shower-time Michael Bublé renditions, it never seems to be as ‘Mitch Buchannon’ in real life. And don’t think you’re alone. So when it comes to immortalising one of your mates, it’s best to leave the voice overs to the trained professionals.

A perfect gift for a mate who doesn’t take himself too seriously, Be A Football Hero is a UK-based service that will take your carefully-crafted script (including highlights of all his most embarrassing moments), add realistic commentary and create a true-to-life CD recording, with all the right sound effects, themed on those nerve-crunching, last minute football commentaries that have grown men screaming like they’re having contractions. Your mates details can be added to a range of pre-recorded commentaries, or one can be custom built, using professional sound actors. Few gifts (with the possible exception of the clap) will be so memorable, celebrating his achievements, on and off the pitch of life, to a degree usually only enjoyed by soccer’s princes. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.

Now if only football had proper cheerleaders.

Be A Football Hero
Approximately $181

Nuts & Bolts
Your mate can score the last goal of every game, captured in CD quality.


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