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One Man at a Time

Television these days is awash with get-fit, stay-healthy programs where we watch people try to transform themselves, from big boys straining over press ups, to drug users look for a new start, and workaholic parents seeking balance. But in between we’re tempted by commercials for smart phones, buffet restaurant, movie marathons, and the dreaded by utterly delectable ginger nut cookie. It’s far easier to sit and watch others change then it is to turn your own life around.


But if you think you’re ready to break out of your box and transform from worm to butterfly, Boot Camp are looking for one male guinea pig to stand up and be counted. The one male winner of their Transform HK competition, worth HK$20,000, will undertake a rigorous training regime, attend style and etiquette classes followed by personal nutrition and grooming sessions, and be shown the garden path to his own potential. He will spend time with life coaches and image consultants, creating himself completely anew. However, for those of you already content with your own lot, you can still join Boot Camp’s evening runs without the cosmetic consultations.

“It rubs the lotion on its skin…..”
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Transform HK
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Nuts & Bolts
Boot Camp needs your help to find the next Heman


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