Helmet Hero Wide Show people what you’re made of with the Helmet Hero


What’s the point of being about to rail slide the entire Mid-Levels Escalator, rip out a double flip on a wake board while shaking a martini or pull three Swedish backpackers at a feminist convention, if no one’s going to bare witness?

History is filled with amazing events that were beheld by the masses. Now, a special little gadget will make sure that “tree falling in the woods” scenario is seen by the world.
The Helmet Hero Wide is a suitably named device that’s going to allow you to capture and broadcast your life’s best moments. The camera can be attached to helmets, bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboards - even your bed head – and features the industry’s widest lens, at 170-degrees, and a five mega pixel sensor, so you won’t miss one millisecond of action. You can shoot 56 minutes of high-resolution video and a “photo every two seconds” mode means you’ll have a step-by-step album of your escapades to boot. Lithium batteries mean three-hours of filming, and SD access makes for easy loading into your computer.
Be the director of your own destiny.
Helmet Hero Wide
The Nuts & Bolts: Capture yourself, at your best, with this helmet-mounted camera.


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