Wednesday, 20.9.2017

STARY Death Defying Without the Sweat Stains


Remember those carefree days spent cruising the streets on your Powell Peralta or mile wide cruiser?

You had endless energy and no worries, save for coming off in front of the ladies. It was a golden moment in your evolving manhood. However, slowly (usually a few minutes after passing your driver’s license) you moved on, your skateboard gathering dust and good intentions in the corner of your childhood bedroom, before migrating to your parents’ garage or, god forbid, the local land fill.

Bring on your boarding renaissance with STARY, the lightest electric skateboard ever created, now in its last stages of crowdfunding. Weighing only 8.6 pounds, yet with the futuristic propulsion to get you up to a cruisy 18km/hr, STARY is made from fiberglass, bamboo, Canadian maple and carbon fibre and comes complete with a deceleration gearbox for safe slowing and a handheld OLED remote that helps you shift the power from your legs to the in-wheel motors when things get tough. The best thing is you can’t even see the tiny power plants, meaning STARY looks like a legit board from way back.

Think of it as image without injury.


Deliveries from early 2016. From US$499.


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