Wednesday, 20.9.2017

Trinity Boardsports Get Tech Surf Savvy


Surfing has come a long way since ancient Polynesians in Tahiti were first observed hitting the peaks and barrels in 1767.

Those original surfers rode on planks and single canoe hulls and could be found from French Polynesia down to Samoa and Tonga and of course, that mecca of pipe perfection, Hawaii. Today surfing is one of the most popular water sports in the world, with men and women taking to the surf line from the mouth of the Amazon to the coasts off Cape Town.

In time for summer, Spanish engineering firm Trinity Boardsports takes this ancient hobby to the next level with their collection of ‘smart’ surfboards, each of which features the patented Parabolic Rail System, an ingenious design that allows water to flow through the board’s rails, allowing for a better wave grip and a smoother, more controlled ride. All boards are hand shaped by legendary surfer Spider Murphy, hailing from the world-class Wetworks board factory in South Africa. What’s more, each board features a unique Trinitag NFC chip which holds all its manufacturing info (download the smartphone app before you go shopping and you can see how each model is manufactured) and even features your own personal info – including your digits - after purchase. This means that if, say, your board washes up at the Brazilian women’s pro tournament outside Rio, one of those lovely lasses will be able to scan the chip and get your prized board home to you. Hopefully she’ll bring her friends.

Now that’s a smart board.

Trinity Boardsports
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