Thursday, 19.10.2017

Clash in Cotai II Fight Night


It happens very rarely, but sometimes when the stars align, we’re able to bear witness to fights of such epic proportions that they’re written into the history books as battle royales to remember.

These timeless showdowns may pit good against bad, like David and Goliath, Theseus and the Minotaur, or Harry and Voldemort; but they may also be the physical embodiment of battles of will, like Ali and Frazier, Balboa and Creed, or Arthur and the Black Knight. And for the lucky few around to see these legendary bouts go down, there’s nothing like watching history in the making.

Experience the exhilaration for yourself on November 23 when Clash in Cotai II comes to Macau, hosting what’s sure to be a bout to remember. ‘Fighter of the Decade’ Manny Pacquiao returns to the Cotai Arena to defend his World Boxing Organization welterweight title against the WBO’s Junior Welterweight champion, New York’s Chris Algieri. Kicking off at 8AM – so that the fight can be broadcast live in the US – the match will see Pacquiao’s tried-and-true style go head-to-head with Algieri’s carefully honed scientific approach in what’s sure to be a gritty display of boxing supremacy. Tickets for Clash in Cotai II start from HKD880 and are available through

Because history is written by winners.

Clash in Cotai II +852 3128 8288 


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