The Showdown at Sands True Grit


No matter what type of battle it is, there are few things more exciting than watching an underdog come good.

 We all admired Rocky’s grit and determination as he took on smack-talking Apollo Creed; we willed Frodo and the Fellowship to make it to Mordor and back, freeing Middle Earth from Sauron’s clutches; and we cheered as Daniel ‘the Karate Kid’ LaRusso mastered the Crane stance and defeated the Cobra kai. These tales are testament to the power of tenacity in the face of adversity, of belief, and of fortitude. It’s a reminder that hard work, sheer determination, and a well-aimed kick in the face can and will pay off in spades.

On March 7, see the culmination of a real-life underdog story with The Showdown at Sands at the Venetian Macao’s Cotai Arena, when China’s Zou Shimiing takes on on International Boxing Federation flyweight world champion Amnat Ruenroeng. As an amateur, Shimiing won three world championships and two Olympic gold medals, and now, in just his seventh professional fight, he will look to end his underdog status by challenging Ruenroeng for the world flyweight title. Local talent Shimiing is known to float like a butterfly, now he’ll be trying to sting like a bee as well. The two boxers already have history, having gone head-to-head three times since 2007, and next month, their rivalry will boil over in an epic battle royale.

Because we all love an underdog story.

Get your tickets now for this sure to be thrilling battle royale.


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