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Excellence is an acquired virtue. To truly excel takes practice, dedication, and plenty of trial and error. To master a language, you begin learning basic vocabulary. To shred a guitar like Santana, you begin with basic chord progressions. And to fine tune your technique between the sheets…well, they say practice makes perfect. But excellence doesn’t come easy. Do what you will, you might find yourself unable to pass a certain level of skill without a little outside help. That’s fine – Adam Scott didn’t win the coveted green jacket at this year’s Augusta Masters all on his own.

The perfect golf swing is a thing of excellence, and now acquiring that is a little easier with SwingTIP. Designed by PGA pros, SwingTIP is a pocket-sized golf-coaching device that syncs with your smart phone to help analyse your technique. Just snap the super-light device onto your club, and the internal sensors will measure your swing speed and clubface angle, and deliver a comprehensive analysis of your strengths and weaknesses right to your phone. You can also download instructional videos from well-known coaches like Jeff Ritter and Ray Leach to help you finish under par. The SwingTIP pairs with Cradlz, a slick phone holster and alignment stick that records your achievements on the greens so you can share them back at the clubhouse.

Bragging isn’t a sin if it’s true.

Retails for $129.99


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