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Diving with sharks is manly stuff. On the one hand you have humans, clearly not designed for the water, while on the other, you have sharks, the ocean’s ultimate predator. The prehistoric monsters are so well suited to killing that they’ve barely evolved in tens of millions of years - and now you’ve got the chance to dive with them in HK. The good news is that it’s in Ocean Park’s aquarium so you’re not going to be facing off with a Great White. Shark swimming for beginners if you like.

The aquarium contains 5.2 million litres of water filled with creatures such as manta rays, tunas and hammerhead sharks. Well, it wasn’t going to be a tiger shark was it. You’ll be guided by a qualified aquarist (a word apparently), while your friends will be able to smell your fear from the viewing gallery. At approximately HK$2,000 per dive prices are punchy, but sharking is an expensive pastime. As is everything on the proverbial bucket list.

Unsurprisingly, you have to be a qualified diver (minimum of Open Water certificate) and need to fill out an application form at least three days before your sortie. Typically the dives are held in Cantonese with support in English, but you can request an all-English language dive if you wish. It’s a brilliant first date – put her through her paces and all that. Plus, the thrill of a near-death experience will have her in your bed, all too aware of the evolutionary imperative to breed.

Sharks. Nuff said.

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