Ip Man Wing Chun at Pangea Learn Wing Chun from Ip Man’s Maestro


Wing Chun is the martial art made famous by Ip Man and now you can learn from one of his tutees at Pangea. Ip Man actually had four in-house students, three of whom have passed away but one remains, 79-year-old Grandmaster Chu Shong Ti. Diagnosed with terminal liver cancer two and half years ago, he was given eight months to live but rejected western medicine and continued to practise. The cancer has since shrunk dramatically - astounding doctors - and he still trains the masters from Pangea every week while also offering valuable seminars. We think he might be the Fifth Element.

Wing Chun was actually invented by a woman 300 years ago and is based on the notion that you don't need muscular strength to win a fight. In point of fact, the instructors from Pangea still can't beat the Grandmaster - he understands movement too well. Designed for the street, Wing Chun has no place for flowery flicks or throws. Instead, efficiency is prized, with different vectors of force used to overcome brute strength - all underpinned by mental focus. Mr. Miyagi would be proud.

Pangea is based in Central and hosts lessons (private and group) throughout the day with entry level membership starting at HK$1,180/month. They've got several instructors and their enthusiasm is infectious. They're also offering NecesCity readers a free consultation so just call George on 5199 3499 to set up an appointment. You'll be hooked - particularly if you've ever looked at your puny guns and wondered how you'd win a scrap without a bottle to hand.

Fighting fit.


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