Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Vans Sk85ive2 Skatepark HK’s First Indoor Skatepark


A few weeks ago Hong Kong opened its first indoor skatepark, a watershed moment for the city's skaters as well as all round aficionados of VANS footwear and baggy jeans showing a bit of bottom crack. Situated in Kwun Tong, it spreads over 3,000 square (hence it's location) and has been attracting rave reviews from disaffected sub-culture comrades since its recent launch. Expect a different crowd to Solas.

Vans Sk85ive2 as it's called (we can't help with the pronunciation) is the product of a longstanding partnership between the footwear brand and local skate shop, 8Five2. Designed by California Ramp Works, every feature has been fitted to a professional standard and according to NecesCity's skating resident, there are great lines throughout the park. The tabletop at the centre provides a bit of air and has good coping for long grinds, while the smooth quarter pipes surrounding the park help you hit different sections at speed. Just try not cry when you fall over.

It's free to use (you just need to sign a waiver) and they also offer lessons which is perfect if you're too old for this jazz but still need some bonding time with your irritating nephew. Remember to bring your own lid (helmet) although they do sell other skate gear such as shoes and boards. They also display art on the walls, most recently a photography exhibition celebrating the 30-year anniversary of Thrasher Magazine, the bible of skateboarding. Which makes us the bible's bible. Perhaps.

All things skate.


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