Garmin Forerunner 405 Run with a charmin’ Garmin


Admit it guys, we love our gadgets (sometimes more than our partners). Even if we don’t use them to their full potential, we like playing around with them all the same. And nothing satisfies the geek in us more than fiddling with a boy toy that we can wear at all times.

Introducing Garmin’s Forerunner 405. Meant for hard-core runners, this watch has a chock full of functions, allowing you to track your speed, distance and heart rate, all of which can be logged and reviewed wirelessly post workout. With its highly sensitive built-in GPS, you can view your routes on Google Maps and never get lost. And if you’re really anal, you can also compete with your running buddies (and vice versa) by comparing stats and determining who’s ‘king of the hill’.

Even if you’re not a running freak, this water-resistant watch boasts a touch sensitive iPod-esque wheel and a sleek, eye-pleasing design. This means you can wear it on any occasion and not look like you’re sporting a small TV on your wrist.

Cool runnings!

Garmin Forerunner 405
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