Barclays Asia Tournament Chelsea, Villa & Blackburn Playing Tomorrow in HK


The Barclays Asia Tournament kicks off tomorrow at the Hong Kong Stadium with Chelsea, Aston Villa and Blackburn all in action. And Kitchee. They’re the champions of the 2010/11 Hong Kong First Division League, and though they must be aware of the potential for embarrassment, they must be very excited. Can you imagine sliding the ball off John Terry while breaking the philanderer's leg in two places, then nut-megging Cashley Cole in front of 40,000 people before sticking the ball in the back of the net? It's the stuff of dreams.

Tickets are still available for tomorrow’s round of matches which sees Villa take on Blackburn followed by Chelsea against the might of Hong Kong, particularly its humidity. The winners of the two games will meet in Saturday’s final, while the losers will fight it out for third place. Of course there are only four teams competing, but a medal’s a medal’s a medal – as any blinded mother will testify.

The first game starts at 18.00 tomorrow which will be a bit of a squeeze with work unless you double up on tickets and convert your boss into a Villa fan. That’s based on the assumption you’re not the boss yourself. The Chelsea game, meanwhile, begins at 20.30, which coupled with the absence of Happy Valley racing, makes it an idyllic, summer Wednesday night... Until you reach the neon and deep-fat fryers of Lockhart Road.

Studs up.

Barclays Asia Tournament
July 27 & July 30
2111 5333


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