Breakup Notifier App Tells You When Crush Changes Their Relationship Status


Breakup Notifier is a newly launched Facebook add-on that tells you when 'friends' you'd rather be 'friendlier' with have changed their relationship status. It’s a brilliant idea that’s probably more fun than useful, but unsurprisingly this 21st century mating antennae has surged to the top of the iTunes downloads chart. It's simple, playful and useful but the really interesting question is; what would you do with this information?

Imagine: you've signed up for the free app, selected a few girls you’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time ogling on Facebook, and one cloudy day as you’re weaving between slow-mo shoppers on Queens Rd. Central, the Breakup Notifier kicks in - Dawn is single.

You’ve somehow got to make your intentions clear to the lovely Dawn before other suitors do (who might also be using the Breakup Notifier) but critically you’ve got to do so without looking like you pay too much attention to her online relationship statuses. It’s a tricky one.

And sadly we can’t help you there. If you’re a single man, or if you’re spoken for and as bored as housewife on Mad Men, we can only gently cajole you in the right direction. The Breakup Notifier is one small step to turning your quasi-stalker obsession into something real. A restraining order, at the very least. So sign up and start dreaming.

With great power, comes…

Breakup Notifier


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