Social Media Sobriety Test Stop Drunken Social Media Suicide


The Social Media Sobriety Test is a simple Chrome and Firefox that stops you from tweeting, emailing, posting and so on when you’re drunk. It’s a much needed addition to our tool kit.

We’ve all felt the shame after a heavy night of drink’n’dial when some poor girl has received multiple calls for an unknown number, or you’ve replied to a critical email from your boss with even more inflammatory remarks - and this service helps prevent such acts of tomfoolery.

The system awakes when you log on between pre-determined hours that you’re likely to have been drinking in, i.e. during the evening. The idea is that it doesn’t bother you when you’re sober, but when it is functioning, it gives you a series of sobriety tests to ascertain your blood/alcohol concentration. If you pass the tests you can unlock your social media profiles, if you fail – you can’t. It’s essentially a cerebral breathalyzer with your best interests at heart.

Tests include keeping an on screen cursor inside a moving circle, and you can also adjust your settings to include certain URLs you’re keen to avoid. So if you’re one of those guys who deletes number off your phone when you’re sober because you’re scared of ringing them after a night out, this service is for you.

You'll have to go back to paging.

The Social Media Sobriety Test


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Social Media Sobriety Test

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