Sir Richard's Condom Company Giving Condoms to the Third World


We all know how important it is to wrap up before you dive in (and no, we're not talking about plastic rain coats at all-you-can-eat rib joints). It seems nature has a team of monkeys working around the clock thinking up new sexually transmitted diseases that will turn your best mate (and not the one you went to school with) green, purple, black, or even worse...gulp...detached.

These days your usual filtration process of steering clear of trailer trash isn't enough, cause even 'good girls' like a bit of naughty now and then. Their 15 minutes of 'shock and awe' with the visiting 7th Fleet might be your lifetime of scratching.

The Sir Richard's Condom Company is trying to give fellas who are less well off the same chances we have – not to carry your knob around in a used jam jar. For every condom you buy from them, they will donate one to third world countries, helping to bridge the massive short fall in condom production in places like Africa and Southeast Asia (ironically where the rubber comes from).

They have a range of condoms in sizes to fit all egos, and you'll be able to pump away knowing you're doing your part to help your fellow man, and his little friend.

Doing good never felt so good.

Sir Richard's Condom Company


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