DateMate Become An Organised Date-A-Holic


Dating is never an easy sport, no matter how much fun it is to the worldlier among us. There are so many new details to absorb in those crucial first dates, so many facts and figures to hold on to lest there be a test (and you know there always is).

Remembering where you met, what she likes to drink, her turn ons (cheese whizz and the Chemical Brothers) and turn offs (MC Hammer pants and monobrows). Multiply that by the number of girls you're dating at once (you old dog) and you've got yourself a pile of info you need at your finger tips. DateMate is a new smartphone app designed for woman jugglers, which rolls a dating calendar, address book, scorecard and report generator all into one.

You can load profiles on each femme du jour, including photos, likes and dislikes, possible connections to other soon-to-be-swooned lovelies, and favourite positions (not the ones on her CV), and rate dates so you can see progress (or lack thereof) over a space of weeks or months. You can even do profile comparisons, join or plan events or meet people also looking to juggle thanks to fail-safe logins.

And don't think for a second she isn't using it too. 



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