Bamboozled Buying Lingerie? We Have The Answers On certain topics we value a female perspective and one such topic is lady underwear. To keep you in the loop with the XX chromosome we’ve invited guest contributor Gillian Chu to explain what men should look for when they’re buying lingerie and where they can get it in Hong Kong.


What to Look For


Everyone I spoke to agreed picking the right size is the most important part so it’d be great if you could pinch one or two numbers she has already in the drawers and take it on your shopping trip. Remember, even if you buy something that’s so small she can’t actually wear it, that’s better than getting her something too large. Her ego won’t recover. Sizes between brands also vary hugely - a 36C from Calvin Klein Underwear can be markedly different to one from Wacoal - which is why just reading the sizes on the labels doesn't work. In fact, if you don’t know if the pieces will fit her, it’s likely to be a waste of money.

The easiest way to buy something that fits is to get soft cups (unlined) instead of moulded cups which have a pre-formed shape and provide fuller support. Although soft cups are more revealing, they tend to offer less form because of the lack of support. Equally, if you’ve noticed that most of her bras have underwires, it’s a good idea to stick with them. You can also opt for a 1/2 cup which is more alluring, a 3/4 cup which creates uplift and offers greater support, or a full cup which gives great coverage. It’s a subjective matter so choose whatever you think she’d prefer most, but let’s face it you’ll probably be getting quite excited yourself.

As for the materials, satin, lace, silk, and chiffon combine sexiness as well as comfort while cotton tends to lack sex appeal. On the other hand, lingerie made from synthetic material isn’t easy on her skin which also shoots yourself in the foot. If it’s not to her liking she’ll only bring it out on high holy days so pick well because really you’re picking for yourself. 


When you’re choosing the colour and style you should examine her current collection… in as un-perverted way as possible of course. Take note of the colours she goes for, whether black and white or pink and fluffy – although we hope not the latter for your sake. She’ll be inclined to like the garments because she knows you like them (you bought them after all) but it’s worth taking her current collection into account as well.


Guys are often shocked when they realise a bra can range from a few hundred Hong Kong to several thousand. Less can certainly be more, so you just need to be aware you’re not getting conned. It’s also worth handling all that lace and other delicate materials with care otherwise you’re just throwing money away.

lingerie-6Where to Buy From

Sheer is a new lingerie shop on Wyndham Street which has a splash of high fashion about it. Owner Lisa says “If you don’t know her size or you find out that she wears more than one size, a fail-proof solution is to buy her something more flexible and versatile but equally as sexy. Slips, body suits and wireless bras all come in easy small, medium and large sizes and they're tailored with room for adjustments so you really can’t go wrong with that.” For something firmer, however, she recommends this black and pearl combination from Damaris as well as this lace cup balcony bra and brief by Fleur of England.

lingerie-8Even if you’re bra buying rookie, you’ve probably heard of La Perla. Samantha from La Perla recommends the Smoking Triangle Bra with shorts in Nero/Verde which has lots of lace, tulle and silk. Another recommendation is the LULU in Oro, which was inspired by the twenties.

lingerie-9Avec Amour is right in the heart of Central so you can pop in after work. Pret-a-Manger and some knickers might be a bit much for lunch. Avec Amour’s Rachel suggests the Bisou Bisou Blush from Mimi Holiday which has black pearls and a graphic scallop lace (very indulgent) mixed with soft pearl silk satin. Other brands which Rachel’s suggestions fall under is Lascivious and Showtime Lingerie.


lingerie-11Agent Provocateur has some great stock and is available at Lane Crawford in the IFC. It’s actually located in a corner of Lane Crawford so you won’t bump into your other half.

Guest contributor Gillian Chu is a Hong Kong based Canadian who likes to fiddle with the latest sports equipments, learn about up-to-date fashion trends and travel around the hottest destinations in Asia. See what else she's been up to lately on her blog,


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