Wednesday, 29.3.2017

At First Sight Go On, Be Judgey


Are men superficial in this day and age? Perhaps. But can you blame us? Today we live in an information rich environment, where everything is available in an instant, at the tips of our fingers.

This means we make decisions faster than ever before – no one is saying they are always the right ones – and when it comes to dating, it’s about getting past the initial hindrances (is she your type for example, or is she someone else’s wife?) so we can get down to the business of love. A new app, surprisingly brought to you by a partnership between the host and the owner of the impossible-to-watch The Bachelor series, kills two birds with one stone.

Available on Android, At First Sight is essentially Tinder with video, removing the question of whether a lovely lady is even available, and helping you sort through to find those that fit your own unique criteria (and don’t sound like Fran Drescher). You can manage the profile stream through a flagging system that filters out (yes out, not in) nudity or sexual content, as well as geography, and get a sense of what someone is like before you take things to the next level. Pick from six-second videos or opt for a 60 second live video chat, during which either party can choose to ‘like’ and continue or move on to the next candidate. Participates answer pre-selected questions that regularly change to keep things interesting.

Never be fooled again!

At First Sight

Google playstore


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