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For those NecesCity men who are in steady relationships, Valentine’s Day can be a holiday fraught with perils and overextended expectations.

 When you were dating it was easy – you were rewarded beyond your wildest dreams for just turning up to the party – but now that you’ve ridden this particular rodeo bull a few rounds, you need inspiration to find the right gift, lest you sink into the quicksand of mediocrity that swallows up so many good relationships.

Think outside the box with the foreplay jewellery collection from Love Crave. The company specialises in devices of pleasure, and while your lady might have one (for all we know she has an Aladdin’s cave of battery-operated pleasure makers in her bedside table drawer), does she have one she can wear around her neck? The Droplet features a 43-inch stainless steel chain with two subtle metal canisters on leather loops. Contained within are tiny, super quiet battery-powered motors that send a delightful tingle right to her nipples. Conversation over. For something a little more overt, the elegant and simplistic Vesper comes in silver, rose gold, and yellow gold with matching chains. While it’s a striking piece of contemporary jewellery, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out its…extracurricular potential. Just twist and enjoy.

Love Crave
Droplet from US$109
Vesper from US$69


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