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Sex isn’t something we usually associate with danger – at least not immediately – but a new study has found the ‘cowgirl’ position, a soft-core cinematic favourite, just might be the most dangerous position you could ever find yourself in.

According to sex scientists (that’s what we would call ourselves), cowgirl is responsible for half of all penile frac – sorry, it’s a little hard to say – tures. And just when you thought your three-martinis-in TT Boy impression would save the day, think again: ‘doggie style’ claims a solid 29 percent of crooked knobs. Sounds like it’s time to inject your repertoire with a few new moves.

Turn to ancient teachings for your inspiration with the iKamasutra Android app, which translates centuries of getting it on into a fun and sensual online presence. There are over 100 positions to have a crack at, each tastefully drawn, with IKEA-esque instructions. If you’re as cheap as you are inquisitive, the free version has 30 positions for you to try, from the Split Bamboo to the Congress of a Cow, and to get you into the mood, the app even has a seductive sitar soundtrack.

Just don’t forget to stretch.

Available on the Play Store.


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