A Billion Wicked Thoughts Your Dirtiest Thoughts, Explained


It’s been said a man’s thoughts turns to sex far too frequently – every seven seconds, by some accounts. The frequency is open to debate, but that it happens is not a question.

From the moment we hit puberty and discovered the fairer sex, all manner of salacious musings have plagued our minds. It might be specific – about your femme du jour, perhaps – or of broader scope, like how many times a week really is normal? Whatever the questions are, and no matter how often our thoughts turn that way, the blunt truth is that we’ve all got sex on the brain.

But now, thanks to two intrepid neurologists, we have answers to some of the most enduring questions about sex in the form of A Billion Wicked Thoughts, a sinful new book. All in the name of research, Ogi Ogas and Sai Goddam studied the secret sexual behaviour of more than a hundred million men and women around the world by observing what people get up to when shielded by the anonymity of the internet. Combining online behavioural data with cutting-edge neuroscience, the book uncovers startling truths, proving that the seemingly lurid desires – of both sexes – are purely biological. Why do men watch porn? Why do women gravitate to Fifty Shades of Grey? It’s science, apparently, which means there’s no shame in what you’re doing.

Finally, a scientific explanation for your web browsing history.

A Billion Wicked Thoughts


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