Kindu Let the Sparks Fly


Whether you and your paramour are just starting out or have been manacled together for years, there are two things that are necessary in a relationship: communication, and the ability to keep things interesting.

Not that these are always easy to maintain. Certain subjects can be hard to broach when you’re not sure how she’ll react; and it can be all too easy to fall into a routine and get lazy in your relationship. Plus, as modern gents, we’ve got increasing demands on our time and fewer hours in the day to deal with them, so anything that helps us multi-task properly is a godsend. 

Enter Kindu, an easy-to-use app that’s guaranteed to add a little zest to your relationship while opening some avenues of communication that might have been previously closed-off. The game-like app provides over 800 intimate ideas for two, ranging from the really romantic to the downright dirty, across categories from romantic activities and food to public sex and fetishes. You and your partner use the app to individually rate each idea ‘definitely,’ ‘no thanks,’ or ‘maybe – open to discussion.’ Kindu then cross-references your responses, and notifies you both of the ideas you’ve each rated ‘definitely’ or ‘maybe – open to discussion,’ leaving you and your other half to experiment…or at least begin a discussion.

Make sure to brush up on your negotiating skills.



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