Bad Date Rescue Exit Strategy


For even the most suave among us, dating can be a tricky proposition. The minefield that is the early stage of dating is essentially a game of chicken: who dares wins, and who blinks first loses.

Despite the plethora of would-be dating savants who claim to have figured it out – admit it, some of you have read Neil Strauss’ The Game – the truth is that when it comes to dating, there are no rules, just a series of shots in the dark. Which is why every so often, we find ourselves out with an attractive young woman only to find she’s as boring as a bottle cork or as mad as a March hare. That’s when you need an exit strategy.

Thanks to Bad Date Rescue, by popular dating site eHarmony (let the irony marinate for a minute), you now have a smooth way to exit stage left.  This nifty little app, available on iOS and Android, allows you to schedule a fake call to get you out of a date gone horribly bad. You’ll get to pick your ‘rescuer’s’ name and picture (we suggest something innocuous, not a picture of your dream girl) – so the call actually seems legit – and choose a script to follow. As soon as you hit ‘start your rescue’, your phone goes black, mimicking the lock screen, and your ‘emergency’ call will come through at the scheduled time. Just like that, your dud date is over.

Also abets early exits from awkward family dinners.

Bad Date Rescue


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