Fork Me, Spoon Me Eatin’ Meets Lovin’


It’s amazing the effect certain ingredients can have on…well, other, even more pleasurable bodily functions. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew a thing or two, stockpiling a wide spectrum of aphrodisiacs, including oysters, which were the fleshy symbols of respective goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. The ancient Egyptians were fond of mixing pomegranate juice with wine, and some even added opium for a little extra thrust, while in China, a shot of cobra’s blood is still considered as good as Barry White’s greatest hits for setting the mood.

If you’re keen to combine the kitchen and the bedroom, master of gastronomy and leading aphrodisiac authority (yes that title is already taken) Amy Reiley’s Fork Me, Spoon Me is the ultimate sensual cookbook, guaranteed to forge appetites of all descriptions (yes, there are illustrations too). This vital tome describes how simple ingredients like almonds, vanilla, mint, chocolate, chili, ginger, and saffron can get the blood pumping quicker than cheerleader tryouts. For a chance to combine two of your best talents – cooking and…reading cook books, have a crack at curious combos like chocolate-smothered brie, moist mango meatloaf, and home-cure your own honey snapper, best matched with white peach bellinis or ginger mojitos. All you need is a kitchen, an open-minded mate, and an apron.

Pants optional.

Fork Me, Spoon Me




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