Gift Flowers for V-Day Flowers & 50 Shades of Grey for Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is a headache, no doubt about it. There’s an onus on boyfriends, fiancés and husbands to make a stand. Even if you don’t ‘celebrate’ it, you’ve got to do something with the lady and that’s where Gift Flowers HK comes in. The 100% online florist stocks various treats for Valentine’s Day, while their sister site, Gift Hampers HK even sells a “Fifty Shades of Grey” erotic hamper ($590 delivered). However dire the writing, you can’t argue with the return you’ll get on that investment.

The entry level Valentine’s package from Gift Flowers HK is a sophisticated number: one long stemmed rose and a box of heart shaped chocolates emblazoned with an ‘I Love You’ message. No mucking around - and for HK$199 it’s a D-Day/V-Day bargain. That said, if you’re in the dog house, or simply trying to move into a nicer house, look no further than the Valentine’s Premium Roses Bouquet (HK$999) which can be boosted with additional chocolates and Champagne. If that doesn’t get her motor running, you should probably call it a day.

Everything from Gift Flowers HK and Gift Hampers HK comes with free delivery to Hong Kong metropolitan areas (including DB) so you don’t need to break a sweat thinking about it… although perhaps a sweat enjoying it.

You know the drill.

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