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Sideways, the racing car simulator specialist, is hosting a novel speed dating night with Double Happiness Dating combining Porsches with potential love interests. We just hope the boys manage to keep the pick up lines to themselves because there’s a lot to choose from. We’re talking about being first over the finishing line, gear stick control, spark plugs, reclining seats, 0-60 in…, and “what have you got under the bonnet darling?’” It’s a minefield.

You can sign up here for the event which will consist of six girls and six boys chopping and changing between racing and speed dating. It's particularly suited to guys because we not only like cars, we also need props to talk. We never meet up just for a chat. We always have a communal act, whether it’s a pint, a meal, a game of Fifa or a film, so it’s invaluable having a simulator to keep us in familiar territory.

Starting at 7.15pm on Tuesday, May 29, entry costs HK$400 (including a donation to the Children's Heart Foundation of Hong Kong) and you’ll be given a drink on arrival. In fact it’s the one place in Hong Kong where drink driving is encouraged. It’s going to be a great night. One minute you’ll be going hell for leather in a Porsche (don’t lose to a girl), the next you’ll be chatting with a gorgeous girl (don’t lose to a man).

To the victor the spoils.

Partner Pulsit.


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