Pacific Petals Online Flowers Flower Subscriptions for Busy Men


Pacific Petals is a new Hong Kong company offering online flower subscriptions all year round, which means you no longer have to puzzle over petunias yourself to make her smile. Needless to say, buying bouquets doesn't come naturally to us, but it’s an essential part of being a good (or apologetic) boyfriend. And remember, ensuring she gives you leave for that stag trip can come down to a perfectly timed flower delivery.

Pacific Petals takes the headache out of the process by offering a 4-bouquet package to cover her birthday, Valentine’s, your anniversary as well as a spare date - ideal if you’ve just slagged off your mother-in-law. The ‘Special Occasions Collection’ costs HK$3,980 and is a winner, but if you want to treat her like a Qatari royal, ‘The Valentine’s Collection’ (HK$11,680) comprises 12 bouquets delivered throughout the year.

Their florists have previously worked at top hotels like the Four Seasons and specialise in contemporary arrangements. What’s more, because they can plan in advance (unlike other shops which lose a lot of stock through waste) you get better value for money. You can also get one off bouquets such as ‘Passion’ (HK$980) consisting of a dozen red roses topped with spray roses, or ‘Purity’ (HK$1,280) which features white roses, ranunculus and viburnum. The last two flowers might sound like adult toys (and they might have a similar effect) but we assure you they’re totally natural.

Flower power.

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