Flaunt it Lingerie Something Special for Valentine's Day


Flaunt has a selection of lingerie for Valentine's Day that stakes a claim to make it a genuine religious holiday. It's a great gift because men and women love lingerie. In fact, it's one of the few things both sexes agree on. Whether it's films, flatulence or female beauty (women always rate prettiness over sex appeal) the two genders sit on other sides of the fence, but over lingerie they come together.

Flaunt focuses on reasonable, comfortable and versatile pieces she'll use repeatedly rather than items she'll chuck away after an exotic night fuelled by tequila. If you're scared of getting it wrong you can always buy a gift voucher or bring her along but it will have more impact if you pick it yourself. Moreover Flaunt has a fridge stocked with beer so it's going to be a shopping trip you'll enjoy. You're essentially tricking her into bed by dressing her up in new clothes. What a brilliant idea.

Before you shop it's worth having a look at her underwear to find her size, particularly the pieces in her laundry basket because she'll wear those the most. Flaunt owner, Emily, says both men and women gravitate to Jenna Leigh's designs, otherwise she recommends Hanky Panky for its fun and colour or Samantha Chang. A Hong Kong designer based in NYC, her pieces come in S, M, L; so you don't need to hold them up to your hairy chest worrying about their sizes.

Because we're worth it.

Partner Pulsit


Unit 902, 9th Floor
Union Commercial Building,
12-16 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
2545 8813


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