Ignite Experience Unique Romantic Experiences for Busy Men


Partner Pulsit: Ignite Experience is a brilliant new business that helps busy, working men maintain the zest of their relationships through a variety of one-off packages without any of the organizational headache. You just get in touch with them and they’ll sort everything out, making you look like Johnny Depp without having to wipe the mayonnaise off your face or close your Excel spreadsheet during your lunch break.

It was set up by two expat wives keen for husbands to treat their ladies with a little more romance. Their two husbands must have been slightly offended when first introduced to the idea but they've since been instrumental in refining the offerings. Experiences range from nighttime balloon rides to bedroom extravaganzas, while little gifts are also available.

It’s a fantastic idea because we’ve all had weeks when we’ve planned to do something special for that lady friend of ours but ended up planning less than the Indian Commonwealth Games committee. Prices range from HK$350 – HK$3950, with categories encompassing the key areas of a healthy relationship, namely ‘Out and About’, ‘At Home and ‘In the Bedroom’.

It takes less time to set up a night of romance with Ignite than to complete a level of Angry Birds, and poignantly, the experiences are genuine. You simply order your package online and unless it’s an ‘Out and About’ experience it will arrive, beautifully presented, at your address of choice.

No excuses now.

Ignite Experience
Tel: 6653 1545
Facebook page


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