Die Liebeskuemmerer Travel Breaks for Post Break Ups


If you’ve just had a painful break up the best thing you can normally do is go on holiday and Die Liebeskuemmerer caters for exactly that market. The German company arranges holidays for 6 – 8 people suffering from the break up blues but we imagine these trips could go either way. Sure, you could have a raucous time, orgies and make friends for life or it could all end early with a suicide pact.

The company’s continued existence suggests the latter hasn’t come to pass so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. The newly singles are accompanied by a team of therapists, nutritionists and fitness coaches with each trip lasting up to a week. Aimed at like-minded people, the holidays welcome anyone regardless of gender, age or sexuality - they simply care for your manic depression.

The trips would provide a hilarious setting for a Wedding Crashers style comedy with men praying on vulnerable singles but they are actually very serious rendezvous. Experienced psychologists, psychotherapists and health and styling coaches are on hand to help participants assess what happened in their relationships and then move forward. Destinations, meanwhile, range from cottages by the sea to mountain retreats with prices starting at €1,450 for four nights. If you think that's too much, remember you’re paying for open heart surgery - not just a holiday.

Looking for your future wife?

Die Liebeskuemmerer
From €1,450 for 4 nights


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