Inspire for Men Revamped Inspire for Men Offering Sensational New Services


Inspire for Men, the fitness and beauty specialist in Lee Gardens II, Causeway Bay, has just been revamped and is offering a raft of new services that will leave you in envious shape whatever your dismal starting position. You might even be able to pull off a v-neck.

It’s fantastic news, because despite our various degrees of vanity – at some level we all like to look good. It’s why we pull funny faces when the camera’s in front of us. It hides our shame. What’s more, with Facebook publishing every misdemeanor your face records, looking awful is growing in prevalence, which is where Inspire comes in.

They’ve completely renovated their premises - in a not dissimilar fashion to what they’ll do with you - re-structuring and beautifying every crease and corner. Besides the aesthetics, it’s also now equipped with a state of the art gymnasium as well as pilates and weight training facilities marshaled by scarily godlike professional trainers.

Other new services include a Bian Stone Foot Therapy (a traditional foot therapy to improve circulation and the immune system), Microderma Cell Renewal Therapy to remove dead skin and re-invigorate your skin, and Multi Polar Laser Slimming Therapy based on lower laser, multi-polar and vacuum slimming technologies. Paired with some exercise, the treatments will deliver a whole new you that's bound to please your mum and irk your ex.

Get inspired.

Inspire for Men
Location: Unit 502, Lee Gardens II, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2808 4889


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