Wednesday, 24.5.2017

The Woodshop Design Savvy Wood Furniture


There is nothing quite like wood to give your apartment a sense of the natural world. We're not talking saw dust that's been turned into kit-set book shelves here; real wooden furniture, with organic shapes and durability like nothing else.

Whether its benches on your balcony, picnic tables on your rooftop or just a nice liquor cabinet made from a single piece of west coast oak, good quality wooden furniture will change your den of iniquity into a scene from A Mid-Summer Night's Dream. The Wood Shop in Wan Chai is going to help you on your way.

They specialize in unique, quality wooden furniture that retains its organic elegance. Designer Keith Lau creates avant-garde pieces which follow the principles of quality and durability of his forefathers. They can help you to design your own piece, or you can choose from the collection at their spacious showroom.

Here each piece has its own inherent characteristics, making it as much art as it is function. By their own admission, some are so unique they can't be replicated.

But if you wanted that, you would have gone to IKEA.

The Woodshop
Room A, 1/F, Hong Kong Mansions, 137 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai
Telephone: 2234 0111


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